Creating a Simple Event Handler for SharePoint – Part 1

Creating a Simple Event Handler for SharePoint – Part 1

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A question often asked by my users was can we prevent other users from deleting or modifying their documents uploaded to a document library, this as we all know is core SharePoint functionality but can be disabled by using event handlers.Event handlers bind/attach to document libraries or any type of SharePoint list and fire a particular piece of code when a specified event occurs. Their are many different events, such as:

ItemAdding – Occurs when an Item is being Added

ItemDeleted – Occurs once an Item has been Deleted

So you see, we can fire our code before the event happens, or after if required.
In this post, we will create a simple event handler for the ‘ItemDeleting’ event so that when a user who is not the creator of the item goes to delete the item they will be presented with an error message.
1. Create a new project in Visual Studio (2005 or 2008 up to you) and select a Class Library (C#)

2.Rename the .cs class file to something suitable and enter the following code:

4.Next we must strongly sign the assembly, so go to project > properties within visual studio, go to the signing tab and click ‘new’, give it an appropriate name and select OK.

Your Solution Explorer should now look like the following:

Visual Studio Solution Explorer

5.You can now debug the solution to build the dll.6.So how do we install this into SharePoint I hear you all ask?, well stay tuned for Part 2 of this tutorial where I will show you how to use ‘features’ to install the event handler into SharePoint.

8 thoughts on “Creating a Simple Event Handler for SharePoint – Part 1

  1. David HOCQUET


    Very usefull thank you !

    A better way to get the Author as a SPUser could be:
    SPFieldLookupValue authorLookupValue = new SPFieldLookupValue(item["Author"] as String);
    SPUser author = web.AllUsers[authorLookupValue.LookupId];

    1. alex350r

      Thanks David, glad it helped.

      The reason I made the post was due to the lack of literature regarding Event Handlers in SharePoint.

      Thanks for the tip regarding the Author :-)

  2. komgal

    This is good, but i have something different to do in ItemDeleting.

    In code that should prevent item from deleting, i need to update one of the fields of item. For example, i need to set item status to “Delete in Process”.
    Looks like setting Cancel=true discards my changes to item fields.

    Have you done something like this?

    1. alex350r


      To answer your question in your ItemDeleting event you should be able to call properties.listItem["FieldName"] = “Delete in Process” and then a properties.ListItem.Update to commit the changes to the list item. After you have done the item update then try setting properties.cancel = true and the changes should be not be lost.

      Let me know how you get on.

  3. Stefan Thorpe

    I have created a similar version to stop users self approving there own expenses( see below). however I can’t build it as I get an error saying the name web does not exist in this context. Do I need to declare it?

    void SelfApprovalCheck(SPItemEventProperties properties)
    //declare object and assign for current listitem
    SPListItem expenses = properties.ListItem;
    //declare and assign string for current user name
    string currentUser = properties.UserDisplayName.ToString();
    //declare and assign string creator name
    string creator = Convert.ToString(expenses["Author"]);
    //Convert the Author into a SharePoint user id
    int userid = Convert.ToInt32(creator.Substring(0, creator.IndexOf(“;#”)));
    //Get the SharePoint user which matches the ID
    SPUser user = web.AllUsers.GetByID(userid);
    //Set the domain login name of the author user
    string creatorName = user.LoginName;
    //Get approved Status
    string approved = Convert.ToString(expenses["Status"]);
    //Check Approved Status
    if (approved == “Approved”)
    //Compare the two user names to see if they match
    if (creator == currentUser)
    properties.Cancel = true;
    //Raise our Error Message to the user
    properties.ErrorMessage = “You are the creator of this item therefore you cannot Approve it.”;
    //Allow deletion of the item
    properties.Cancel = false;


  4. todd

    Need a little help.
    1) i found the i need to add a refernce to sharepoint.
    Are there an other refernce i need to add?
    2)creatorname in line 17 and web in line 15 does not exist in the current context.
    How do i make them exist?

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