Prerequisites for a WSS 3.0 Installation

Prerequisites for a WSS 3.0 Installation

I’m rebuilding a server and reinstalling WSS this morning, so I thought I post up a list of prerequisites required for a WSS installation. This should be a pretty helpful reference/checklist for a first time WSS install:

1.Windows Server 2003/Server 2008 OS Installed

2.IIS with ASP.NET support installed through Add/Remove Windows Components

3.Net Framework 2.0 (

4.Net Framework 3.0 containing Windows Workflow Foundation (

5.ASP.NET v2.0 should be set to ‘Allow’ in the list of IIS web server extensions

6.SQL Server 2005 installed and configured (If you do not wish to use SQL Express which comes with the WSS install by default)

And your ready to go! :-)

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