SharePoint ULS Logs – ‘Tracing Service Lost Trace Events’

SharePoint ULS Logs – ‘Tracing Service Lost Trace Events’

It turns out the above error has been affecting a few people after upgrading to SP1 of MOSS/WSS, it can be fixed by restarting a few of the SharePoint/WSS services (see below) however the problem does come back after a while which can be irritating if you need to see the logs for a specific period.

I cannot see anywhere that this bug/issue has been reported to Microsoft so I’ll probably register it on the connect site if I can, I will post back here with the link – if you have the same problem could you put a comment on the connect site too please then we can get this issue noticed at MS.

EDIT: I have raised the issue as feedback on the MS Connect site, see here – please leave a comment if you have the same problem.

To fix the error and start the logging again, simply restart the ‘Windows SharePoint Services Tracing’ service. Once this has been restarted you will notice the logs start again! :-)

Maybe I will write a script to detect when it stops logging and restart the service…ill keep you all posted!


8 thoughts on “SharePoint ULS Logs – ‘Tracing Service Lost Trace Events’

  1. MAV

    Hi, thanks for this post. Although it didn’t help me, I think it is a very useful post. The problem I am having is similar where the service stops tracking events however, when I try to restart the service, the service gets stuck in the stopping status and never starts up again. I then have to reboot the system, which is not something I like due to the fact that this is a production server.

    I tried to follow your feedback link however, I get Microsoft Connect’s “Page Not Found. The content that you requested cannot be found or you do not have permission to view it” error page.

    Have you heard of this error or do you know how to forcefully restart the service? Also, do you know if this is fixed on any of the updates or will be fixed in SP2?

    Thanks for any help you provide.


  2. MAV

    Sorry I forgot to mention that when I do to restart the system, the service works for just a couple of hours and then stops tracing again.

    Thanks again,


    1. alex350r

      Hi Mav,

      Sorry to hear that it didn’t help you. The reason you can’t see my connect feedback is because it was removed. I was told that it did not belong over there and that I should submit it on the msdn site instead, I have not had time to do this yet.

      I have not seen it before requiring a reboot, you could try a net stop ‘servicename’, net start ‘servicename’ from the commandline.

      I have done lots of research into the problem and can’t see if it has been fixed or even acknowledged by Microsoft for that matter.

      When I get time I will report it on the msdn site and send you the link.



  3. JD

    I get the same problem – service goes into stopping state and will not die

    runs as the wsstracing.exe process but trying End Task does nothing and even
    taskkill /PID #### /F /T
    does nothing

    I have found no way to end process besides rebooting (also on production server) :(

  4. MAV

    I just tried using taskkill /PID ### /F /T as well and nothing.

    I found someone used the app procexp.exe to fix one of their “Stopping” state services. It didn’t help in my case but someone might benefit from it. It is a good tool.

    No luck with this problem yet

  5. DH

    I can also confirm that pskill.exe won’t end the wsstracing.exe process, despite reporting success.

    This problem is a serious pain in the ass. I have another problem that I’m trying to troubleshoot, but I can’t because I have this logging issue, and cannot reboot until our scheduled maintenance period because we’re in production. ARRGH.

  6. Greg

    Hi, thank you for the post.
    How you can detect that a site it was not accessed for a while?
    What information you can use to realize when the site has been accessed last time?

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