WSS/MOSS Site with Workflow – Crash when uploading a document

WSS/MOSS Site with Workflow – Crash when uploading a document

Dear all,

I’ve been creating workflow for a WSS site recently and noticed that once the workflow was added to the document library as soon as I uploaded a document and clicked ‘ok’ to skip pass providing metadata, I would get the following error:

[COMException (0×81020037): The file Shared Documents/test.doc has been modified by SHAREPOINTsystem

I noticed however that the document did actually upload and was present in the document library with the workflow running. I did some digging around on the net and found this blog post:

It describes a bug in WSS/MOSS which causes the crash if there are extra columns defined in the document library/site that are not set as required fields.

Any easy solution to the problem is to make one of these columns a required field, once the metadata is filled out, a ‘Check-In’ button is provided instead of the normal OK button.

If you look in the comments of the above blog post there are also some hotfixes available although these only create a workaround. To me the easiest option is the first of the two, but perhaps the hotfixes are a good long term solution.

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