Core.Css and Application.Master

Core.Css and Application.Master

I’ve been working on a custom aspx page with separate stylesheet which I have added into a MOSS environment and inherited from the Application.master. I was stuck for a while trying to get the Css on my custom page to work, here’s some tips for you all below:

1.If you are want to inherit from the Application.master then be aware, it only calls one Css file – CORE.CSS. This file can be found in the 12 HiveTEMPLATELAYOUTS1033STYLES. I put my custom Css within the CORE. **Be Careful though – make sure your Css class names are unique**.

2.Put custom pages in the layouts folder of the 12 Hive, this means you can access them from any MOSS site on the server if required. You can also use the object model code in these pages if you need.

3.I have put custom images that my pages are using within the 12 HiveIMAGES folder. This makes them easy to access/display from the custom pages and Css. When seen as a url, it looks like this – http://mossserver:1000/_layouts/images/yourimage.gif.


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