Quest Reorganization Wizard Beta

Quest Reorganization Wizard Beta

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Dear Readers,

Thought I would point you towards this incredibly useful tool from Quest Software that Ilia Sotnikov (see his blog here: told me about.

It is a BETA version of the Reorganization Wizard feature that will be included in the upcoming version of Quest Migration Manager for SharePoint (

This tool is incredibly powerful and allows you to overcome some of the major limitations of both MOSS & WSS. Using this tool you can achieve the following:

  • Move/Reorganise SharePoint Subsites (e.g.Moving a Subsite to a Site Collection) – whilst keeping all custom Metadata and Auditing data.
  • Move Site Collections within the same SharePoint Farm
  • Promote parts of a site tree to a new site collection on the same or different web application
  • Optimize SharePoint database storage by moving site collections between content databases
  • Perform cascaded site deletes to finalize the site move or roll back a failed operation

We have been using this Beta version to move some subsites around in our WSS farm. I was impressed with the fact that the move keeps the Auditing data as an STSADM Import/Export normally erases this.

You can download the tool from the following link –

Well done Quest Software and thanks Ilia!

2 thoughts on “Quest Reorganization Wizard Beta

  1. Ilia Sotnikov


    Thanks, and glad I happened to be in the right place at the right time to answer your question! Kudos to the dev team who are working on this project, your feedback is really much appreciated!


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