WSS – Rich Text column in Document Library

WSS – Rich Text column in Document Library

I came across this issue the other day, you cannot add a rich text column to a document library, this was frustrating as I wanted to use the column to hold multiple html hyperlinks.

After doing some research I found this post on SharePoint Blogs –

It is possible to use a rich text column in a doc library but it must be done using a content type, I’ve written some instructions below on to get a document library setup with a rich text column:

  1. Configure ‘Advanced Settings’ for the document library and enable the management of content types.
  2. Create a new Site Column as multiline rich text.
  3. Create a new Content Type and add the column created in step 2.
  4. Add the Content Type to the document library using the ‘Add from existing site content types’ link.
  5. Save the document library as a template and delete the document library.
  6. Create the document library again using the template from step 5.
  7. Success! You should now be able to use a rich text column within a document library.

Hope this helps some people! :-)

5 thoughts on “WSS – Rich Text column in Document Library

    1. alex350r

      Could you expand on what you mean by ‘set value of RichText field property to true’, my post was regarding creating a rich text field in the document library which you cannot do unless you use content types.

      ‘Single line of text’ or ‘Multiple lines of text’ fields cannot be turned into RichText.


  1. Pat

    If you try to populate a control in a document with the data from a rich text site column it will be automatically converted to plain text and will not display as you intended. Second when you go back to edit a column it will not let you save the changes unless you convert it to plain all the formatting, links and images.


  2. vidya

    The following powershell helped me to enable rich text.

    $site = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite(“http://admin-pc”)
    $web = $site.OpenWeb()
    $list = $web.Lists["name of the list"]
    $field = $list.Fields["name of the field"]
    $field.RichText = $true

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