‘Fear’ of the SharePoint Content Databases

‘Fear’ of the SharePoint Content Databases

I have recently read a few interesting comments from people on the web regarding SharePoint content databases, it seems almost fear the prospect of delving in to the content databases.

I appreciate that modifying data in the content databases could mean that your warranty/support contract is no longer valid but for reading data I personally find it very helpful. I have created a number of SQL Reporting Services reports that read their data straight from the content databases and often this is a lot quicker than point the report straight at the SharePoint site.

I would be interested to hear peoples comments on this, it almost seems that because SharePoint is designed with a rich front end for the users that the backend databases should not be touched. One thing that is frustrating though is the way that SharePoint stores the data in the AllUserData table, each column in SharePoint is represented by a seemingly random name in the table – e.g. a field called ‘User Name’ could be ‘varchar1’ in the table. The number would increase for each column of that type.

Let me know what you all think…

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