A WSS Nightmare!

A WSS Nightmare!

Thought I’d blog post about the problems I encountered last night whilst trying to move our WSS databases to another SQL server, what I thought would take about an hour max turned into a 6 hour job!

I ran the PSConfig wizard and disconnected the server from the farm, I then gave the thumbs up to our DBA to move the config and content databases.

After these were moved I went to reattach the server to the farm again by running PSConfig, after fixing a few problems with SQL permissions I thought everything would be ok. Was I wrong or was I wrong!? I kept getting an error when the wizard was ‘Securing the SharePoint resources’ that it couldn’t copy some files to the folder ‘D:Web Server Extensions12’, in Particular the ‘Data’ Folder.

That got me totally flummoxed, the D: drive?? I couldn’t understand why SharePoint would try to copy its 12 hive to the D partition, we always had the 12 hive in the normal place on the C (System) partition. As it turns out, some IIS sites had been migrated from another server and the IIS files placed on the D partition so we had two inetpub folders (one on C and the other on D).

It seems that this is why SharePoint was trying to copy the folders to the other partition. After searching the registry I found lots of references to the folder D:Web Server Extensions and attempted to change this to the normal 12 Hive. This did not work however and only caused more issues – so how did I fix it I hear you ask??

Well in the end I opted to totally uninstall WSS and re-install from scratch, upgraded to SP1 then reconnected to the farm. Hey presto all our sites were back and I just need to redeploy the solutions (wsp) packages again.

Lessons learned? – don’t migrate IIS settings/sites from other servers while WSS is installed, at least if you don’t know the consequences.

Hope this helps someone if you have the same problem :p

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