iPhone 3G – I’ve finally upgraded

iPhone 3G – I’ve finally upgraded

iPhone 3G White Well I’ve finally upgraded my trusty 2G iPhone to a 3G one – I couldn’t justify the price of the 3GS so went with a 3G 16GB one in white as you don’t see as many of these as the black ones.

I opted to buy the phone outright and use my o2 simplicity sim card as I think the prices for the iPhone contracts are just crazy!

I’ve been using it for about a week so far and I love it! The best thing is the sheer increase in speed over my old 2G one which was so slow browsing the web etc on GPRS or EDGE. I prefer the screen on the 3G iPhone and the flush headphone socket so I can use normal headphones and not just the apple ones.

As I’ve installed lots of apps since I’ve started using the new 3G device, I thought I would share a list of top rated ones:

Reqall Icon reQall –For managing tasks/notes etc

MyPhone Icon myPhone –Syncing facebook pictures/birthday’s with your iPhone contacts

Flight Control IconFlight Control –So simple yet so addictive, in this game you have to land as many aircraft as possible by drawing routes on the screen to the runway

Let me know what you think of the above apps and the iPhone 3G in general :-)

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