Enabling .NET 3.5/AJAX in MOSS 2007 Sites

Enabling .NET 3.5/AJAX in MOSS 2007 Sites

I have been searching for a decent blog post/tutorial on how to enable .NET 3.5 in a MOSS site for a while now.

I first came across the following blog post that describes how to enable ASP AJAX 1.0 in MOSS –


So I modified the web.config as per the above guide and it works great!

…However the .NET framework 3.5 contains a newer version of AJAX which I’m sure would be the preferred choice to use.

I finally came across this post by Tobias Zimmergren where he walks through the changes that need to made to the web.config –


Thanks Toby! As I understand there are other less ‘manual’ ways of doing this that do not involve directly editing the web.config but these can have their problems and I think that the manual way feels more thorough.

Hope this helps someone!

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