SharePoint 2007 ‘Task’ Managed Properties not appearing in Search Results

SharePoint 2007 ‘Task’ Managed Properties not appearing in Search Results

I am currently working on a web part which uses the SharePoint Search API and a FullTextSqlQuery to retrieve a list of the current user’s tasks rolled up across Site Collections. The web part was working great until I noticed that the Status, Start Date & Due Date were not being returned when the query was executed.

After a lot of head scratching, resetting the crawled content and re-crawling I began to experiment with the Managed property mappings.

By default the ‘Status’ property is mapped to the following crawled properties:

ows_Issue_x0020_Status (Text)

ows_Task_x0020_Status (Text)

This looks fine but when I clicked through to the managed property edit page it stated that no items were found in the ‘Content using this property’ section.

As a last ditch attempt I decided to add a new mapping to the managed property, I mapped the crawled property – ows_Status (Text) and then ran a full crawl. Well guess what – it worked and the Status’ appeared in the results from the search query.

It seems the Start Date & Due Date properties have the same issue, you need to map them as follows:

Start Date:

StartDate Managed Property

Due Date:

DueDate Managed Property

Make sure to run a FULL crawl once you have made these changes and these properties should now appear in the search results.

Hope this helps! Open-mouthed smile

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