BIDS SSAS Project Role Error

BIDS SSAS Project Role Error


Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) building SSIS and SSAS projects. I came across a strange error when trying to build a particular SSAS project, the error was –

Error 1 The ‘Role’ with ‘ID’ = ‘Readers’ doesn’t exist in the collection.

This project had contained a role called ‘Readers’ but it had been deleted because it caused problems for other developers as it contained users who did not exist in their development environment domain (take note – never check in Roles into SVN!).

It turns out there is a pretty simple fix for this error – simply recreate the role again with the same name – in my case ‘Readers’. Build your project again – the error should now disappear. You can now delete the role you just created and continue as normal.

There are other suggestions out there for fixing this problem such as manually editing the xml files that define the cube (.cub) although I would not recommend this – the above process is much much easier and there is less risk of breaking anything.

Hope this helps!

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