Converting a List Workflow to a Re-usable Workflow

Converting a List Workflow to a Re-usable Workflow

Recently I had the task of converting a bunch of SharePoint 2010 list workflows to re-usable workflows. I needed a way to copy the workflows and assign them to a new list I had created. First I thought I could just export the workflow to Visio, re-import it and it would prompt me to attach it to a list. Sadly this is not the case, when you re-import it simply replaces the old workflow and remains attached to the same list.

Thankfully @ScoutmanPt came to the rescue on Twitter.

The key here is that you need to delete the wfconfig.xml file to get SharePoint Designer to prompt you for a list.

Follow the steps below to successfully convert a list workflow to a re-usable one -

1. Export the workflow to Visio by clicking ‘Export to Visio’ on the ribbon.

SPD Workflow Export to Visio

2. Open the exported .vwi file with 7-Zip or similar and delete the workflow.xoml.wfconfig.xml file.

3. Import the .vwi file into SPD using the ‘Import from Visio’ option on the ribbon.

4. You will now be prompted to enter a workflow name and choose to attach the workflow to a list to create a re-usable workflow.

SPD Import Workflow from Visio Drawing

5. Enjoy your new re-usable workflow!

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